Friday, January 2

Lidsville for Crafters

I wish everyone a Better New Year and many happy returns!

I fell in love with a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Edgewater colorway at Gauge and brought it home to meet the stash. I immediately went to Ravelry and found a link to this basic hat pattern(FYI: you can also use Touch Me...this would get me out of making the vintage scarf pattern from "Scarf Style" that I meant to make eons ago) which I knitted up as a Christmas present for a friend. The colors pooled in a nice blobby way. I had just enough yarn leftover to make another hat, so I used the same pattern but knitted *yo, K2tog* every row. Yep, my old friend, Barbara Walker's Turkish Stitch, most recently utilized in the Christmas Creep Scarf.
Swirl Beret
Ah, the world of knitting is an organic place, especially on the internet--constantly changing but always tapping into the old. You think you've come up with something terribly clever and then you get an e-mail from Knitting Daily announcing their free patterns. You scroll down and spot the one called "Swirl Beret" and dang, if it's not a Turkish Stitch pattern.
Swirl BeretGreat minds think alike?
Swirl Beret, detailCheck out that lovely Fair Isle effect! I used the Latvian Cast-On which my friend and uber-knitter Jane Lippman showed me at our local coffee shop. It's basically a longtail cast-on where you alternate looping your thumb over and under the yarn. It makes for a very stretchy edge. Later, I added a couple rows of crochet to lengthen the hat a wee bit and finished it off with an I-cord loop, very handy for hooks.

There's been an addition to our family of Bollywood tree stumps. This one is on the street, quite close to the driveway of our neighbor, Mr. Wilson aka Mr. Grumpy.
older tree stumpstree stumpnewest tree stumpIt's amazing what hot pink vinyl and sequins will do to a dead stump. Saucy little devil, eh?

self portrait


Patrizia's Adventures in Knitting said...

Ms. Mary, I will love you forever for all the many giggles and belly laughs you have gifted me with. I wish you were here to help me decorate my yard in such a whimsical, fantastical way.

Patrizia's Adventures in Knitting said...

P.S. I got the EXACT same colorway but in a sock weight. I am on a bit of a sock kick right now. Made Sophia a pair for Chrismas. Almost done with a pair for Hannah. Then I will be making booties for the grandbaby with the leftover yarn. Last but not least, I also plan to make a pair for the ex-hubby's 3 year old. Told you I was on a jag. . .

Batty said...

Oh, gorgeous! I have some LL worsted in purple/green and was looking for a pattern that wouldn't pool... love this one! Watch your hat, or someone might accidentally borrow it without letting you know ahead of time...