Saturday, February 21

Ravelry, Revelry and God Only Knows What Else

Ravelry and MaryMaryRavelry at The Knitting Nest
Jess, myself clutching Malabrigo sock yarn, Mary Heather            photo#2: Jess(foreground) and Casey(background) try their darnedest to interpret central Texas accents while waiting for more cherry lime-ades from Sonic
and if I mixed up people's names...whoopsy-daisy!

Last weekend the ubercool Ravelry posse descended upon The Knitting Nest which was reason enough for me to drag my 12-year old across town to smile and gawk. The place was packed with local Ravelers, especially as they were giving out door prizes. Yep, I scored the purple Cascade Lana D'Oro alpaca/wool blend AND a hot pink Namaste bag in the silent auction. There was a bin of Malabrigo sock yarn in the front and I did not emerge from this calvacade of convivial knitterly networking until I had 4 skeins of Velvet Grape in my grubby mitts. Mine, all mine! I have visions of a swirly Stevie Nicks gypsy coat with lace detail on bell sleeves, lace motif in the center back and soft flowing ruffles along the fronts. All I need are some spiked black suede boots and a velvet dress. Maybe I should check out Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart and throw in a little Janis Joplin while I'm at it.

Austin TX carvalentine's day in the suburbsI had just left The Knitting Nest and was heading home when this beauty was in front of me. We have a number of unique antiques on wheels in Austin and it always brings a smile to my face when I see one. One of these days, I'll take a shot of the mobile bulletin board on the back of my car. As for the birdcage on the right, this was in front of my house on Valentine's Day. There were a couple of ponies pulling it and they clomped up and down the street a couple of times. Frankly, it was kinda creepy.
Nordic Stitches bag
As you may know, I'm a huge fan of Hilde's work. She even sells it on DaWanda and I couldn't resist this black felted bag with the little people on front. And check out the fun b&w stripes! I have been using this bag to tote around Very Important Documents--it lightens the mood in some very somber settings.

I'm very close to finishing my KnitWhits Edie Springtime Cardigan using Noro Silk Garden sock and Silk Garden light. This project monogamy thing is yielding results one month at a time-who knew?


Garngamen said...

Now that sounds like a fun occasion... I definitely love the purple yarn you are holding. Great grab! Interesting vehicles there! I agree - fun knitting to boring meetings make life better!

HPNY Knits said...

fiber fun makes life more "doable" these days!

Hilde C. said...

You made me blush now, thank you very much for the compliment. I'm sure the little people enjoys being entrusted with your Very Important Documents. I've tried my best to raise them to be very responsible little people ;-)
A Ravelry posse - it sounds so much more fun over at your place :-)