Friday, February 13

Thank you, Ceci!

I thought a moment before posting this because sometimes these things feel a little like a chain letter to me. But then I thought to myself "Accept the compliment, you idiot, and link to some REALLY creative people!" Because it's fun to see some other blogs that you may never even know about--kinda like seeing what people read in the bathroom, eh? ME: old knitmags that don't have any patterns I want, old quilting mags for the same reason and, somehow, a couple of skateboarding mags for when Tex needs a little quiet time.
FYI: If you got a comment on your blog from 'Yoku,' that's actually from me but using my kids' sign-on. Those rascals....
And here are the rules if you've forgotten (copy and paste award, link to who nominated you, list 8 blogs that you're nominating and leave messages on their blogs about the award).

Here are 8 blogs that I think have something interesting/creative/amazing going on:

Hilde takes me to a calm place that has intrinsic beauty. You can see her work here.

HPNY is one of the first people to ever read and comment on my blog. We even met up for a fun time in London a couple of years ago which leads me to Nordic Stash Queen, Garngamen aka Yarn Dragon in Swedish. While HPNY methodically churns out really lovely pieces interspersed with great pix of NYC, Garngamen always has new stash with something involving at last 5 colors on her needles. Check out her Finished Projects and you'll see where that stash goes.

Kloobok doesn't post much but look at her crochet. She has some stunningly intricate pieces.

Sweaterproject and I lurk on each other's blogs. His knitting usually involves cables, socks, sweaters and/or kilts, but it's his rollerderby pix that just slay me. Did you know that the roller derby renaissance started in Austin just a few years ago? Well, this guy was all over it like white on rice, baby...

If you enjoy a little armchair travelling, then check out what's happening at Bazar Pimpampum. There's always something interesting over there.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. Check out the blog and then go to the main page and look for the Lamb Cam. Can't beat that virtual cuteness.

Elizabeth is a working designer who has published designs with the defunct Garter Belt and currently with Knit Circus. I've always admired the classic, sophisticated lines of her designs.

Some of these people are Ravelry friends and, believe me, I would have a lifetime of projects just based on their Ravelry favorites and queues. Enjoy!


HPNY Knits said...

:) blush.
the creativity on the web is amazing, but now that you listed Hilde and Sigrid I may need to list 6 more.

Garngamen said...

Now that was a nomination ;-) Im breathless and flattered.... Now you dear Mary - YOU have the most powerful projections on others. Of course I read (and a lot of people) your blog like the best knitters magazing of all... I means YOU are always so inspirational. It is amazing I get to bask in your glory. Rays reach all the way to Sweden! Hugs!

argus said...

Thank you for your kind words about Kloobok!

pimpampum said...

Thank you so much for adding me! You´re very kind...

Hilde C. said...

Thank you very much for the award and your kind words.
I'm glad you explained the "Yoku"-nick. I was a little confused about who that was :-)

Ceci said...

haha! Yes, I even called it a virus nomination or somesuch on my blog. I usually don't do them either, but... well, my motivation was less noble than yours. I just liked the pretty pink and green Award logo.