Saturday, April 4

Good Handknit Sweaters Last Forever, People Don't

Good Handknit Sweaters Last Forever
"Hellooooo everybody! I am taking a little break from all of my crafty hobbies to enjoy looking at my handcrafted gold wire and quartz candle snuffer. It comes in so handy when we have seances and stuff with that charming little gamine Rosemary. Ooooh, and here are all the obituaries that I need to put into my scrapbook. Gosh, remind me to get some library paste! I just love to snuggle up in my cozy lavender mohair sweater, pick up some needles and get to work. The neighbors hardly complain about the screams, ever since I accidentally left some rat poison out on the fire escape and Miss Precious Perfect died. Sigh. It takes so much energy for a busy girl to find new creative outlets." 
Plastic Eyeball CarOne busy girl in Austin glued plastic eyeballs to her car which I saw at the library.
Me and My New FriendsAnother busy girl made new friends after a long run on Town Lake. Gee, Velma really took her vitamins!
Handmade Lucchese Boots in the morningAnd another busy girl put on her handmade Lucchese boots which were made for walkin' after midnight.

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Batty said...

That eyeball car is awesome! Too bad I no longer have a car. If I did, I'd be getting out the glue gun.