Saturday, July 18

Stop the presses.....

it's an effing FO!!!!

Klaralund shell, front
Sleeveless Klaralund from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Hand Knitting Collection, Book Number Two. Queensland Collection Pima Fresca, emerald. Size: extra large.

Klaralund shell, back viewKlaralund shell, close-up
I was planning on making three-quarter length sleeves when I started this in July 2008. I put it down, picked it up this spring and thought short sleeves would be better. I put it down, picked it up again this summer and decided that sleeveless would be best if I ever wanted to wear it in this decade. I worked the 14 row garter stitch border, then 6 repeats of the extended garter stitch pattern before knitting a shorter garter stitch border for the neckline. I made an extra large because I was that much bigger last summer, so it fits nicely across my bust and a little loose around the waist. It's in the dryer right now after I chucked it in the washing machine, so the Pima Fresca should shrink just enough.

It's a real confidence booster to finish something after all this time. Especially something that's cute and actually fits. I had someone contact me on Ravelry about the Noro Tibiori that's in my stash. I found the yarn and had completely forgotten that I was going to make a little crochet top from 'Amazing Crochet Lace.' I had made one motif and poof! got distracted by something shiny....I'll send her the yarn as I rather help out a desperate knitter than wait on my powers of concentration to return. But that hasn't stopped me from looking at patterns....recent faves include:
Featherweight Cardigan from
that calls for Malabrigo Lace. I have 2 skeins of Robincat's hand-dyed laceweight wool/silk in the green/blue/wow 'Dinosaur tops' colorway that would be perfect for an arranged marriage with a happy ending.
Paloma from French Girl Knits that calls for Louet MerLin Sportweight. I would shop the stash for a substitute.
Sanpoku from Berroco. More stashbusting.

And, then again, I could pick up another UFO and, you know, FINISH IT!


turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh I love that as a short sleeve! Very flattering.

Hilde C. said...

The Klaralund looks really great on you, and it looks really nice in a sleeveless version. I haven't been tempted to knit it, but after seeing it sleeveless, hm, that made me think :-)
Good luck on your life change doings :-)

Garngamen said...

Fab fabtastic. That looks great! Love it! Love the colour!

Barbara said...

This is gorgeous. Enjoy it!