Tuesday, September 15

What happened to August?

I ran off to Martha's Vineyard to help open up a yarn shop and poof! it's the middle of September. I've been busy trying to get the house refinanced (aka water boarding for home owners), dealing with a feverish kid (can I take the nightime Theraflu w/vodka instead?), and the usual transitions that divorced women make. I was born with my maiden name, so why is it so danged hard to get it back on all my stuff? But enough of that reality, let's take a gander at my holiday pics! Fine, grab a BIG libation and put yer feet up while we take a tour of that quaint place known as:Obamartha's Vineyard 2009I was contacted through a mutual friend to help crack knitter Alix design and organize her guest house into a yarn shop. When I showed up, I was faced with this.Vineyard Knit Works, interiorand this.Vineyard Knit Works, exterior
CinderMary went to work as I cleaned, scrubbed, rearranged furniture and made stray teenagers haul things off in order to get the space in working order. There were at least 4 dogs, 2 birds, a guinea pig, a rabbit and a flock of chickens to keep me company while I busied myself. Throw in another houseguest, a stray husband and 3 more kids and you can get a good idea of the ambient chaos. A few days later, Alix had her first sale! Vineyard Yarn Works
We made a visit to the Martha's Vineyard Farmers Market and take a look at all of the goodies:

Clemes & Clemes drum carderMartha's Vineyard Farmer's Market 8/09Solviva standMV Farmer's Market 8/09Wild Turkey sock yarnDandelion fine wool worsted(click on the pic and you should get the flickr description) Yep, that batch of Wild Turkey orange sock yarn from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm is mine, all mine!

Three cheers for Alix and Vineyard Yarn Works! It's a short drive from West Tisbury. She's 'cocoanuts' on Ravelry--go say hi and give her a big, BIG hug. She's a brave and ballsy gal for doing this, so book that fall foliage/New England getaway vacation NOW.
Vineyard Yarn WorksVineyard Knit Works