Tuesday, October 6

Blankety Blank Blankets

baby blanket with crochet circlesBaby blanket with crochet circles(Debbie Bliss Moss Stitch Throw, DB cashmerino aran)

There are process driven knitters and there are project driven knitters and then there are those who can't finish a damn thing but can take your baby blanket with a few booboos and make it look like an inspired piece of work. That's me.

The woman who made Alix's first sale at Vineyard Knit Works had brought along a project that she wasn't pleased with. There was a dropped stitch or two, some wonky spots and a couple of odd joins. We took a look at it, stated that it was only a matter of blocking and some strategically placed crocheted circles. Next thing I know, I've got an extra project in my suitcase. Now, the fact that a complete stranger who lives in Washington, DC, was entrusting her knitting to my care in Austin, TX, shows you how desperate she was. Call me The Blanket Whisperer or, better yet...The Finisher.

I discovered this hidden talent while I was working in Miami. Knitters would bring their projects into the shop and bemoan their mistakes or that it needed to be blocked and pieced and how they dreaded doing it. I'd take a look, shrug and say, 'No problem, just leave it to me.' The project comes home with me where we get to know each other, take a long bath with a cool rinse, relax on a couple of beach towels while we dry off and chat about the pattern details. I turn on some loud music, get to work and soon enough that 4x12 throw is now 8x6. Or the stretched out tunic is now a cropped pullover. Or the baby blanket now has some crocheted circles that give it more visual interest. It gives me great satisfaction delivering these projects back into the creator's hands, knowing that they'll get even more pleasure out of it than the intended recipient. Farewell, Moss Stitch Throw...keep that baby warm and happy!

Noro Crochet Blanket, in progressNoro Crochet Blanket(Noro Crochet Blanket, Noro Flowers Book 4, Jenny Watson Designs)

My carry-along project these days is another giant Granny Square throw. I'm using various colors of Noro Kureyon sock yarn with some Araucania thrown in for contrast. This one is going to be for the new couch that finally arrived about 2 weeks ago. The couch is looooong....long enough for 2 boys and a large dog to lie on it and not bug each other while watching 'Family Guy.' Long enough that you can fall asleep on it and not bend your legs. Long enough that you can watch football with your grown sibling and not get their cooties. Long enough that I think I need to make two of these....oh, dear!
ACL Music Fest 10/2/09
(ACL Music Fest, 10/2/09)

The boys and I went to ACl last Friday night and it was perfect. Cool weather, waxing moon, the grass was all squishy and fresh, the Mighty Cones were hot and crunchy and Karen O rocked the bejabbers out of the park with the YeahYeahYeahs. I wasn't that moved by The Kings of Leon, but how can you compete with a woman who gives you the willies while opening her show covered in a some tribally marked hood and later goes crowd surfing while giant inflatable eyeballs bounce around? No contest.