Tuesday, March 16

Edie Springtime Shawl...

Edie shawl
I finally sewed on the stars during a marathon viewing of "Cash in the Attic" on BBC and then proceeded to photograph myself in the rain. Hence, the dodgy smirk. Anyway, I love it! Really, I do. It's long enough to drape over my shoulders, a shawl pin helps, and it's lightweight enough for layering or arctic movie theaters in the summer. The short frill around the edges is just enough to offset the stockinette roll and give it a feminine touch.
Edie shawl, full view
Here, let's check out the whole package...gee, looking a little brassy in the hair department. Anyway, I think the crochet stars add a certain crunchy granola touch in a 'I recycle my pricy yogurt containers' kind of way.
Edie shawl, detail
Now, I can get back to my Baktus scarf/shawl that I'm working up in Prism Merino Mia in the 'embers' colorway. The knitting is mindless, but it is a bit like climbing a pyramid as you increase every fourth row before getting to make the grand descent of decreases.

One of the interesting side effects of my divorce is that I've been doing a lot of home cooking for me and the boys. By home cooking, I mean Texan white trash soul food. The boys get all sorts of elaborate ethnic gourmet meals with their dad, so I swerve to the other end of the spectrum and keep it simple. 'Brown Sugar Bacon' from "The Pastry Queen Christmas, by Rebecca Rather, is a huge Sunday morning sleepover hit with the guys while 'Comfort Meatballs' and 'Cheese Grits' from "The Pioneer Woman Cooks," by Ree Drummond takes me to a happy place somewhere between the ages of 8 and 12. (FYI--cut the recipes in half or you'll be feeding the whole county) I've been reading the "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" blog for ages and her cookbook is a celebration of the hardworking homeschooled ranch life that I occasionally fantasize about when I wear cowboy boots and ride in a pickup truck. I was totally addicted to the installments about her courtship with Marlboro Man while my marriage was quietly disintegrating. (check it out under 'Love Story' on her main page) Heck, I read more dang romances during that period than any other time in my life. Now, I'm reading "Money Shot," by Christa Faust..."They thought she'd be easy. they thought wrong." Let's see...bullets, babes, adult videos and bad guys. Works for me, honey!

There's a recipe in "Pioneer Woman" for 'French Breakfast Puffs' that I'm really craving...would someone please make it so I don't have to gain five pounds after gorging myself on them????