Sunday, June 13

The Swarm of Shawls: World Cup Knitting

aka Summer Knitting: Vuvuzelas and Lace

(warning: moth picture at end, a really scary moth picture)
At the moment, I am sitting on my extremely comfortable and soporific couch which we call 'The Trap' (once you're on it, you never leave. really.) watching Serbia play Ghana in Group D of the World Cup. Actually, I'm listening to it and working on the 'Garden of Alla' shawl in Hand Maiden Camelspin in the Paris colorway. I'm up to the first full repeat of the main chart and loving the symmetry of a center stitch lace pattern. It looks all shlumpy right now, but it's gonna be a stunner.

And it sounds like every killer bee, hornet and cicada decided to have their own Insect World Cup in South Africa as well, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Somewhere in the Bushveld, Cary Grant is driving hell for leather with an ever darkening sky behind him while Tippi Hedren, Kim Novak, Eva Marie Saint and Grace Kelly are cheerfully buying souvenir vuvuzelas in the Cape Town craft market. They sense there's nothing amiss until Grace gives a sharp cry of pain. The other women gather around her as she stares at the bee sting on her hand. The camera cuts to a shot of a squirming bee on the ground surrounded by their teetering high heels and then slowly pans up to show the native vendor quietly packing up his wares. But I digress.....

mini-cardi w/crochet trim
Catherine's Mini Cardi with crochet trim (free download on Ravelry)
mini-cardimini-cardi, sleeve detailmini-cardi, back detail
I was gifted 2 skeins of the Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple and immediately cast on. I skipped the ribbing, knowing I would add the crochet trim later. Also, I used a size 8 needle and knitted up a size small. This was a calculated risk as I figured the silk would relax quite a bit after blocking and loosen up to a medium. And it did!

Hanami is also on the needles...Hand Maiden Sea Silk in Peridot. I've gotten through the first trellis lace repeat without too many injuries to my knitter's ego. I find this repeat more of a challenge and the pattern calls for 7 of them before you hit the dots. I may have to save this one for the Tour de France as you can go for hours without looking up before the mass sprint at the finish. I can always pull out a sock during the mountain stages. And now I'm going to have a glass of Robinson's Barley Water and leave you with some recent shots of the garden...

radishes, lavender and thymespring peasPeggy Martin rose bushbanana leaf, unfurling

giant moth
What the hell is this? Does anybody know? It's gone now. Off to South Africa, I guess....