Friday, November 19

Drink, Shoot, F%ck

(how "Eat, Pray, Love" translates into Texan)

I realized tonight that there's been something like a two year gap in my knitting, spinning, blog, photography, and my 'real' life to a certain extent. I just went through a pile of craft magazines dating back to Fall 2008 and I have no memory of buying them. There are WIPs made with yarn I don't remember buying. And fiber on the bobbins that I can't figure out. What happened?

Well, my marriage ran out of gas and I got divorced. My friends, old and new, knitters and non-knitters alike, extended their love and support throughout the process. My brothers did their bit with weekly/monthly calls and football chats. My newly teenaged sons and I redefined our boundaries and how we communicate. (uh, yelling, listening and big hugs) I also rediscovered my inner teenager and then I met a Republican (we cancel out each other's votes) and fell in love. Yeah, it's been that kind of crazy around here. Meaning I'm in a consistently bipolar state of responsible single mom and wanton she-devil. And it all feels normal because they all RESPECT THE STASH. I do try to update my Ravelry page (MaryMary) on a regular basis, but I'd like to 'reblog' if you will. Sooo, let's see what's been happening in the yarncave....

Turkish stitch baby blanket"Buttery Soft Baby Blanket" pattern from Hill Country Weavers. Tunisian crochet, Great Adirondack Bamboo Cotton, 10mm hook. This yarn is the softest stuff ever. Evah. I just wish Great Adirondack did this in solids so I could play with more defined stripes using Tunisian crochet. Tunisian crochet is dead simple but didn't go quite as quickly as I thought it would. I'm adding a solid border in olive green to stabilize the sides. (for future Japanese/Jewish baby in NYC)

Granny Stripes baby blanket Granny Stripes Baby Blanket, Ravelry pattern, Tahki Cotton Classic, 5.5 mm hook. I had bought a grab bag of the yarn from Cotton Clouds and this was the perfect pattern to use up 10 different sunset colors. I did buy 4 more skeins in burnt orange to add a little width and then finish off the borders. (for newborn American/Argentinian baby girl)

El Tomate striped sweaterEl Tomate striped sweater
Tomato by Wendy Bernard, Noro Chirimen with Debbie Bliss wool/cotton, size 44. (nice trick with the earrings, eh?) I tripled the number of decreases from 4 to 12 for the waist shaping and lengthened it a bit. The yarns played nicely with each other and I was inspired by Turtlegirl's Tomato from a couple years ago.

OK, so it took me a lot longer to finish mine but now I'm loving it. I'm finding all sorts of projects in random bags and finishing the Baktus with Prism Merino Mia and my 'Ich Bin Ein Mobius' done up in Manos' Silk Blend (col. 3068) stranded with FDC Golden Line 'Superior' (col. 23) a moody lime green. Both are quite lovely as the weather's getting nippy and I'll post pix asap. And there's been some (paid!)finishing work as well....look for the Red Monster (Vogue Holiday 2007, #13 Mod Jacket) to appear soon. I'm working on the High Line shawl in Malabrigo worsted, col. Paris Ten. Madeline Tosh seems to be the drug of choice in these parts and I'm awaiting the arrival of 2 skeins of Pam Allen's Tern (Quince & Co.).
Stayed tuned.