Thursday, December 2

Mr. Darcy for Cat Lovers Thanks to my old NYC slumlord, Debbie, for giving me this postcard. (caption reads: "All this she must possess," added Darcy, "and to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading." Yuk-yuk-yuk.

Go ahead, check out the link and post a pic of your cat with a Jane Austen quote. I can wait while you rummage around and look for some white lace and a small bonnet to put on Mittens. Don't forget the oriental carpet and Moroccan bound books. I'd skip the teacups, personally. Snap a few pics. Yeah, google Austen quotes and mull over the perfect one to caption your pic. I'm still here......and you want to know why?

I have never read Jane Austen and I don't plan to. Horrors!!!
Yep, can't do it. Tried and tried. All I wanted to do was throttle everybody by page 150 and blow up the vicarage. I read the Cliff Notes in college in order to fake it for my Lit degree. Recently, I bought "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," but I never got past the cover. Now, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate astute observations of social mores and human foibles. I just prefer them in a, scatalogical?....way. How about "The Poetry Lesson" by Andrei Codrescu? You may know his wonderfully chewy consonants and dry humor from NPR or his online journal, Exquisite Corpse. Anyway, here's the 30 second pitch: "Screwball students(not really, more like post-modernish) collide with Poetry 101 filtered through the slightly Nabokovian(sensual, sexual, detached observation/inner dialogue) lens of a retiring professor at a Louisiana college. Hey, kids, get your Ghost-Companion poet NOW!"

Thanksgiving has passed and I was thankful because I didn't have to cook or clean up. Hell, we didn't even have turkey, even better. My uncle prepared a leg of lamb/veggies/salad/dessert for me, my boys and assorted guests at his restaurant, The Liberty Bar, in San Antonio. Best line of the night: "Dwight, I sure like your meat!" (this is best said in a deep Southern drawl--it cracks up the boys every time) The steak tartare is really really good with oven roasted potatoes and a small salad. Go there. Eat. You'll thank me, plus there's an illustration of my mom in the entryway.


BaktusIch Bin Ein Mobius
Baktus scarf(Prism Merino Mia, 'embers') and "Ich Bin Ein Mobius"(FDC Superior, col.23 and Manos Silk Blend, col. 3068) wrap. I found the Baktus pattern on Ravelry and cursed the miles of garter stitch the whole time. Now, it's my 'go-to' scarf and I love, love, love it. It's super long and I can wrap it around my neck in all sorts of ways, although I am trying to avoid Sarah Bernhardt syndrome. 'Ich Bin" is a personal design. I just cast on a million stitches and started up with moss stitch before popping in a row of elongated knit stitches here and there. Another mind numbing piece with spectacular results. Super cozy and wrappable and wearable here in Austin.
Ich Bin Ein Mobius
OK, one last little confession: I have a new addiction. And it is called Law&Order: UK. Bad guys with British accents in London. Doink doink. Sigh.
Jane, would you like a cuppa?