Friday, November 15

Formula Five Fingerless Mitts

 Formula One models wearing heels that are too big. Yours truly doing the Pit Walk before the big event.

Here are some fingerless mitts that I banged out recently. OK, I finished one like 2 years ago and found the twin in a project bag last week. Took about 2 hours to finish and voila! All I did was knit a rectangle (approximately 6x8 inches) using a slip stitch pattern. Using mattress stitch, I seamed up the sides leaving about a 2-inch gap for the thumb then another seam of roughly 1.5 inches. I then worked about 1 inch in 1x1 rib around the bottom.) So, yeah, pretty simple BUT the yarn is effing amazing! This is vintage yarn from the stash. A.L. de Sauveterre, Estelle, Muench colorway.

What's a girl to do at FanFest but have her picture taken with whom I consider the biggest, er, tallest, hottie on the F1 circuit...Mark Webber with the Red Bull racing team. Yeah, his teammate is Numero Uno, but check out that jawline. Vroooooommmmm!

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