Saturday, November 30

Shingles All The Way

   At first, I thought I had accidentally scratched myself on my right cheek. One of those goofy things you might do in your sleep or closing the rear door on a SUV or turning suddenly with a knitting needle in hand (maybe that's just me). You get the idea. Then this 'scratch' started looking like an abbreviated case of hives that wasn't spreading. And then...blisters. Eeeeeuuuwwww. Doc took one look and declared "Shingles." Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Contagiousity!

Sooo, let's think happy thoughts like:

Mississippi Pot Roast I found this recipe on the internet and I wouldn't change it for the world EXCEPT I think you can reduce the butter by half. There's enough fat in a chuck roast as is, so the butter really is gravy. I'm thinking of doing a Cajun variation with "Slap Ya Mama" and some crawfish tossed in at the last minute or even a Texan version with a packet of powdered BBQ sauce mix and some jalapenos. Heck, you could march your way through all 50 states and listen to the 'They Might Be Giants' versions of state songs while doing it.
Here's the annual holiday pic of me with Heckle and Jeckle, Cat and Dog. Thank God for concealer, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss.

 So, I'm taking my meds, sipping some Beaujolais Nouveau and thinking about reading "The Book Thief." I leave you with one last cautionary message from the Harvey Penick Golf Campus here in Austin TX:
Boy, howdy, that makes shingles look like a stroll through the mall on Black Friday! Be safe, wear sunscreen.

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