Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!

     Grapefruit and Key Lime Pie with Guava Glaze and Meringue Buttons (pie adapted from Steve Raichlen) I added the extras.

 Full Menu: Iceberg wedge with Blue Cheese dressing and bacon crumbles
                   Filet Mignon marinated in balsamic vinaigrette and crushed peppercorns, steamed broccoli with lemon butter, super gooey mac&cheese with panko crust (adapted from Pioneer Woman Cookbook)

He's in charge of wine...maybe a Williams Selyem Pinot Noir. I do have a 2009 Chateau Guiraud Sauternes for later....!

Friday, February 8

Super Bowl Blackout Baby Boom?

I'm just sayin'....

Orange and Blue

Last year I broke into a flurry of activity for the holidays, as in 12 days and counting. Was I shopping? Nope. I was canning and knitting, knitting and canning.

Jiro persimmons from a neighbor's tree. Nothing says "Howdy, neighbor!" like strolling over and asking "Are you going to eat those or what?"
Persimmon jam waiting for cheery holiday labels. I put up at least a dozen jars of the stuff plus some chutney. A few were set aside for the aforementioned neighbor. I also scored some green tomatoes from another neighbor and made some zesty relish. It was at this point that my sons started looking in the fridge and asking about the origins of various foodstuffs. "Gee, mom, is this mango from next door? What about the broccoli?" I think I heard something about shameless scavenging...
Half Granny Square Shawl, 42"x20", Freia fine handpaints Fingering Ombre, color Moab.

 It was for a golf buddy who likes to hang out in Taos.

 Painted Forest Ribbed Hat, mystery burnt orange yarn in stash. This was for a friend's husband who helps me save money and is a UT Longhorn fan.

 Robin's Egg Blue Hat, Madeline Tosh Chunky, color: Well Water. And this was for that friend. She likes the Longhorns but this color was perfect for her blue eyes. I have enough leftover to make one for myself and got a big pearly button for it.

The Corn Dog Casserole is from a new favorite, The Casserole Queens Cookbook, by Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock. This goes in the 'Teenaged Boy Food File' along with Tamale Pie and the Gooey Apple Butter Cake (Granny Smith apples+cream cheese+yellow cake mix=Oh. My.)There's a recipe for Bread and Breakfast Casserole that was a huge hit at my knitting group's Annual Thievin' Santa holiday party. It's our version of a white elephant swap, except we all bring nice yarn. That's where I got that pretty skein of Freia Handpaints from.
Monte Cristo from Gourdough's Public House. This is what happens when a classic sandwich meets a freshly fried doughnut. And this is breakfast. And now I need to take a nap.
Christmas and New Year's are long behind us which means Valentine's Day must be coming up. I have an uncle who decided that it was high time he get hitched for the first time just a few months before he turned 70. Talk about hope springs eternal. Some of us in the family have been married and divorced multiple times and we're all younger! This is a picture from the reception which was held at a finca outside of Merida, Mexico. The tuberoses smelled heavenly and were surrounded by orange and blue candles. Really, they should have provided bath tubs for the guests. See? More orange and blue. And speaking of romance, if cupid and roses aren't exactly your style then read this little gem from Smart Bitches Trashy Books. I dare you not to laugh. Double dog dare you. Triple dog....