Friday, December 6

Pulled Pork Banh Mi Sliders

A seemingly random series of events led to my version of this gastronomic joy.

My eldest son requested home-cooked pulled pork after seeing a package of the ready-to-eat stuff at the grocery store. Hey, I grew up on processed foods and red dye #2 but even I was a bit put off as we stared at the picture on the package wondering a) exactly which part of the pig was in the package and b) how many chemicals went into preserving it and c) is "The Jungle" still required reading in high school? It's hard to say no when all I have to do is literally throw a bunch of stuff into my crock pot, stir it once or twice, and then shred the meat 6 hours later. I used this great recipe for crock pot pulled pork and added a couple of Anaheim peppers to liven it up just a touch.

I saw the slider buns and thought they were too cute to pass up. I was on the last row at the HEB, ok? I'll talk about my socio-economically diverse 78704 HEB another time. I may even mention the 'meds are running low-talking to myself-the rascal scooter battery needs a charge" Randall's just down the road.

We all love Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and I'm forever craving the slightly sweet salty tang of Chinese BBQ pork with marinated carrots and cilantro on really good French bread. I know there are banh mi purists out there that will say that only sliced pork and/or pate will do but this is MY Texas BBQ-meets-food truck version.

Toast the buns in butter before loading up with the pulled pork.
Add a splotch of hoisin sauce, sriracha sauce or sliced jalapenos.
Cover with lots of chopped cilantro.
Add julienned carrots and cucumbers that have marinated in rice wine vinegar, water and a touch of sugar.
Think about making two or three of these babies.
Goes great with iced green tea or a chilled rose from Provence. Vang!